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The Mothers' Union programme for 2019 is now available under the section 'Church activities' as well as Devenish & Boho facebook page.

Can office bearers for all other organisations kindly send through any changes or details of planned events etc in order that the website can be kept up to date.



Bible Study and prayer meeting recommenced in the Reade Hall each Monday at 7.30pm.  We look forward to welcoming as many parishioners as possible.  


Bible Study Outline

Why and How Do I Read the Bible?


Why and How Do I pray?   (The Apostle’s Creed)


How Does God Guide Us?


Who is The Holy Spirit?     (The  Nicene Creed)


What Does the Holy Spirit Do?


How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?


How Can I Resist Evil?


Does God Heal Today?


What about the Church?


How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?





Wednesday 21st November

Devenish & Boho Mothers' Union have been invited to Garrison, Slavin, Belleek & Kiltyclogher MU’s Visitors’ Night in Garrison Church Hall at 8.00pm to hear Maud Cunningham speak on mountain rescue.  If anyone would like transport, please contact either Georgina or Carole.


Thursday 22nd November

Lunchtime healing service will be held in the Iona Room, St Macartin's Cathedral, Enniskillen from 1.00pm - 1.35pm led by Canon Henry Blair.



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